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“STEAM STUDIO is a pop-up design studio where youth apply design: skills, techniques, and thinking to solve real-world challenges. STEAM STUDIO is inspired by innovation, design, and pop culture, our focus is influenced by Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.”

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FUSE is a new kind of interest-driven learning experience being developed by researchers at Northwestern University with the goal of engaging pre-teens and teens in science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics (STEAM) topics while fostering the development of important 21st century skills including adaptive problem solving, creativity, self-directed learning, persistence, and grit. FUSE is now offered in-school, after-school, and on the weekends at 18 different locations in the greater Chicago area.”

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In addition to being a collaborator on the jewelry design challenge, FUSE also offered open studios during STEAM Studio for anyone to drop-in and explore one of their many online science, technology, engineering, and design challenges.

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