Art and Culture

From The Margins


The margin is the empty space that surrounds the text. The margin shapes and gives form to the text.


The margin shows that the text has boundaries and limits in which it cannot go beyond.
Text becomes presented as definitive, not subject to change or alteration.



But the margin is also an empty space that can be filled in.


From the margins we highlight, comment, challenge, and ask questions.


It is where mark it  our own handwriting, add color and give it style and expression.


What Cajal MIght Have Drawn

where we can go beyond the text and introduce new forms and visions.


From the margins is where we insert ourselves into the text, transforming
something given to us into something personal and meaningful.


From the margins is the vantage point from which we look at learning.
It is a view from outside the walls of the classroom or school building.
Outside the academic standard, pedagogy, and program.

We highlight the people who often work in the margins;
the thought leaders and educators
that are introducing new ways of thinking
and taking creative risks.

We think of youth who are being pushed to the margins;
who are feeling more and more alienated from their environments;
who are marginalized because of income, race, gender, or culture;
who have ways of learning that do not fit into the norm.

From the margins are the bits and pieces;
thoughts and ideas in process;
doodles of inspiration and insight.
which are not the text itself but
where inspiration for new text comes from.

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