Inpoints, a website produced by the Chicago Art Department, engages in dialogue about learning through video, design, and art.

Inpoints is an “in point” for people to begin to re-imagine learning. We want people to see, hear, and feel learning—and in doing so, change the way they think about learning.

Inpoints springs from a 2013 grant to the Chicago Art Department from the MacArthur Foundation. The grant provided funding to enlist filmmakers, designers, and artists to create work around “connected learning.” Since then, we have worked with innovative learning programs in out-of-school spaces, organizations, and large-scale initiatives such as the Hive Learning Network, digital badges, and Cities of Learning. We have produced videos and design that promote their work and the new approaches to learning they represent. Chicago Art Department has also engaged the broader artist community to create work that speaks to connected learning, resulting in two art exhibitions and the recently launched Learning Is A Lifestyle artists project.

Inpoints is a platform to share this work with the connected learning and broader education community. We want to showcase the work of educators and youth-serving organizations and tell compelling stories about young people that help us to see what learning looks like in the 21st century. We also want to explore how artists and the broader creative community can contribute to the dialogue around learning and education.

Some of the questions we hope to explore:

What can filmmakers, photographers, designers, artists and creatives contribute to the ongoing dialogue around education and learning?

How can we expand our imagination about what learning is, how it happens, and what it looks like?

How can we promote learning as a cultural activity as much as it is an academic activity?

How can we create a forum to talk about learning and education that is more personal, expressive, even artistic? And how might this impact the larger conversations we are having about education?


Inpoints Team

Nat_smallNat Soti
Director, Editor



Edyta_SmallEdyta Stepien
Creative Director



Chuck_SmallChuck Przybyl
Production Director



Sara_SmallSara Medlin
Producer, Project Manager



Casey Walker

Ashley Smith
Assistant Video Editor

Brent Bandemer
Assistant Video Editor

Alyssa Meza
Social Media Strategist



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